Frequently asked questions

How can I join the event?

You can join the event via our YouTube channel which you can find here: Leicester Holi Youtube page. The programme will be available on Sunady 28th March 2021 at 2pm GMT.

How long is the event?

The event is 1 hour, from 2 - 3pm.

What is the event?

A Holi programme organised by various organisations within Leicester. You will be able to celebrate Holi from the safety and comfort of your own home.

- Can I buy colours to play Holi?

Yes you can! For delivery or collection (from selected collection points) You can buy our Holi colours from Eventbrite Page.

- How can I engage with the event?

Use the hashtags #LeicesterHoli2021 and #LeicesterHoliAtHome on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to leave comments during the show as well as posting videos and photos of your Holi celebration.

- Will these colours stain my clothes/furniture?

We have sourced coloured powder that is less staining than other such coloured powders, though there is always a risk that it may still stain clothes. It’s highly recommended not to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting coloured. We would recommend playing with the colour in a safe outdoor area e.g. your garden. .

- Can I play Holi with my friends/family?

Please refer to the Government Covid-19 guidelines for this:

- How can I stay up to date with news and information from Leicester Holi?

Follows us on:
Facebook: @LeicesterHoli
Instagram: @leicesterholi
Twitter: @Leicesterholi
Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

- Do I need to register to watch the programme?

No, just keep an eye out for when we share the link on our social media channels. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and turn on notifications to stay updated and ensure you never miss an update.

Coronsvirus(COVID-19) Advise

We are very excited about the Leicester Holi festival on Saturday 21st March and our preparations are in full swing. We are aware of some of the concerns around Coronavirus (COVID-19) and questions about how it could affect the event. We would like to reassure everyone that we are constantly and closely monitoring the situation as it unfolds and we are assessing our preparations in accordance with the advice and guidance (updated daily) from Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England. Also, we are in communication with and have taken guidance from Leicester City Council. The National advice is published at and we encourage everyone to review it daily. We are issuing the following advisory in this regard: 1. We would advise and request that older people and people with severe underlying conditions and pre-existing illnesses please refrain from attending Leicester Holi. 2. We would ask that people who are not feeling well and have any flu-like symptoms please refrain attending Leicester Holi. 3. We would ask that you check the guidance on the web page above if you have recently been abroad and do not attend Leicester Holi if you’ve travelled to the UK from countries and areas as set out by the government. 4. The guidance from Public Health England is that for public gatherings like leisure activities, events, happening in the UK, the level of risk to the general public attending the event is very low (same as using public transport, for example), also as the event is being held in open outdoor space. Attendees should take usual infection prevention measures including washing hands properly, using alcohol based hand sanitisers, etc. 5. Only dry colours will be used at the event (these are organic, washable and bio-degradable) – no water colours will be used. Your health and safety is most important for us and we would always act responsibly in your best interest. If you choose to attend Leicester Holi (which we hope you do!) you do so at your own risk. Leicester Holi promotes & fosters unity in diversity, and aims to bring people & communities together. We wish you a HAPPY HOLI in advance.